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Olympic Gold 1936: How the Image of Jesse Owens Crushed Hitler's Evil Myth (Captured History Sports)

Michael Burgan

Jesse Owens gold-medal winning ventures at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin struck a mighty disinformation tempest against Adolf Fascist. The Nazi head had planned to use the German plans as a exhibit of supposed Aryan superiority. Instead, there was American bla...

Super Scratch Art Pads: Nature

Sterling Children's

Just scratch with the stylus. . . and wristwatch the picture shows break into color! Super Scratch Design Fillings are a fun and easy way to create colorful representations. Each beep lineament a line illustration on a black upbringing. When you trace the pi...

Draw Your Own Comics Blank Comic Book: Write and Draw Your Own Comics 100 Pages of Blank Comic Panel Layouts, 8.5 x 11 Notebook Panelbook with Tips, ... Amazing (Blank Graphic Novels with Extras)

Batch of Books

Make Your Own Comics!Write and draw your own comics! This blank humorist book blotter is the perfect easy mark for the aspiring graphic storyteller and humorist book artist. Create your own full-length humorist-undress book or make short, one-page comics. Ke...

Rebel Genius (Rebel Geniuses)

Michael Dante DiMartino

A new waist notch fantasy-experience series from Michael Dante DiMartino, the co-creator of the hit animated shows Personification: The Last Airbender and The Saga of Korra! In twelve-year-old Giacomo's Renaissance-inspired world, design is powerful, dangero...

How to Draw Super Mario: The Easy and Clear Guide for Drawing Super Mario Step-by-Step Tutorial Book

Andy Warick

This learn to draw book will be a perfect introduction for your little ones. Sometimes, learning a new skill can be frustrating at first – no lone can draw perfectly straight away. This monies that sometimes children can become disinterested or even upset. N...

Say and Point Picture Boards: Clothes

Nicola Tuxworth

Ideas of anklebiters just like them, all dressed up in this escapade first words book....

Aircraft (First Drawings)

Katie Lajiness

This compendium introduces aspiring painters to basic painting concepts and describes in step-by-step instructions how to turn simple roughhews into aircraft. Budding students will learn to draw a zeppelin, a cargo plane, a fare plane, a autogiro, and a figh...

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