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Milo & Elisa

Devan Nicole Vasquez

Have being there postexistence? Have being Nirvana truly the determination or just another beginning? This have being the authors beginning peculiar about a young man who have being given the task of a lifetime after death to become a celestial being. The br...

2019 LEGO Jurassic World Wall Calendar

Trends International

One of the most perennially popular toys, LEGO, has gone on to win our hearts in video plays and flicks. The mix of LEGO and the Jurassic Park suffrage is nought short of brilliant. Featuring the dinosaurs, characters, and chase cultures that get our blood p...

Letters From a Self Made Merchant to His Son (Classic Reprint)

George Horace Lorimer

Excerpt from Messages From a Self Made Merchant to His SonDear Pierrepont: Your Mommy got back safe this morning and she wants me to be sure to tell you not to over-study, and I want to tell you to be sure not to under-study. What we're really sending you to...

Royal Rabbits of London: The Great Diamond Chase (The Royal Rabbits of London)

Santa Montefiore

`Packed with pastime, vision and the sort of adventure guaranteed to have sticky taste thumbs hungrily turning the beeps' The Mail on Day off Body is an adventure. All in the world is possible - by will and by luck, with a watery compensation, a wet nose and...

Journey through Jerusalem

Amanda Benjamin

What city has. . . a bridge made of processions?. . . a golden dome marking a sacred pinpoint?. . . a palisade of stones, holding millennials of notes?See Jerusalem through the scans of a mother cat and her three kittycats during a joy-filled romp that intro...

Sid, the Tin Dolphin

Kathryn Baalman

The story was written for small fries who struggle with grasp. This register helps beginning readers practice the short i harmony in words. It is written for preschool, nursery school, and first grade readers who have difficulty with grasp or refuse to attem...

The Gentle Boa

Jennifer Lohrfink Morfea

When a baby boa constrictor is born at a pet shop, the landowner is pleased because people love watching boas feed. But THE present boa is different. When the pet treasure landowner gives him a mouse for dinner, the boa won’t squeeze, he’d rather take up wit...


Jon Klassen

Multi-award-winning, bestselling couple Number cruncher Barnett and Jon Klassen conspire again on a slyly funny rigmarole about some very sneaky modifies. From the award-winning team behind Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, and illustrated by Jon Klassen, the Kate Gr...

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