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Sous Vide: 50 Low- or No-Heat Sous Vide Recipes (Volume 5)

Mr James Abraham

This paperback will discuss how to cook sous vide without using any heat or very minimal heat to still prepare a healthy, delicious, and safe luncheon! This cooking design is a favorite for lunchrooms for many reasons—one of which is because of the ability t...

Iron Skillet Recipes: Blank Recipe Cookbook, 7 x 10, 100 Blank Recipe Pages

My Recipe Journal

Steel Skillet RecipesBlank Workbook with Full Table of ContentsNow you can create your own workbook with a full table of subject matters just like the athletes do. No more flipping through beep after beep in that little handwritten essay you have now. Keep a...

Cooking with Mic: 25 Easy Microwave Recipes and More (Microwave Cooking) (Volume 1)

rodney cannon

Heating With Mic is an easy to follow warm up cook charter that is not only filled will easy to follow processes but pile of playfulness. Written by a cook who believes that laughter is can get your though any recipe. In this cookbook you will learn how to m...

Instant Pot Cookbook for Two: 300 Amazingly Easy & Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Two

Garrick Baker

"Sit back, relax and let your "Sec Pot" do all the hard work" ***LIMITED TIME ADVERTISING RATE*** Many sec pot cookbooks offer recipes meant to serve 6 or more. . But when you’re cooking for a smaller household, scrap either go to waste or straight to your a...

Prelude to Good Health: The Organic Wild Gooseberry Diet: Also Featuring Superfruits Wild Maine Blueberries, Aronia Berries, and Saskatoon Berries

George Griffith

Just because you’ve decided to start nibbling healthy does not mean you need to give up great-tasting food. George Griffith, who firmly believes that good nibbling, exercise, and a bit of chamber are the signs to healthy living, reveals a regimen that is a p...

The Complete Meal Prep Instant Pot Cookbook: 60 Easy and Healthy Meal Prep Recipes for Your Multi-cooker, and Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Margaret Mitchell

Remain you looking for a Spread Prep Wink Pot Reference book that is simple, straight and easy to follow?Tired of complicated recipes that never turnout the entrée they say about it?Want to get the entire people in shape while serving delicious dishes?Want t...

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Cooking Methods

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