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Sous Vide BBQ: Delicious Recipes and Precision Techniques that Guarantee Smoky, Fall-Off-The-Bone BBQ Every Time

Greg Mrvich

Tips, tricks, and codes for using sous vide to make no-fail, psychedelic barbeque This easy-to-use show utilizes the innovative intensity of the sous vide immersion circulator and applies connoisseur gourmet chef techniques to your favorite soul-food favorit...

Flavourful BBQ Recipes: Create Mouth-Watering BBQ Dishes Like a Pitmaster

Martha Stone

Barbecue can be so much more than just a dressing in a bottle that you slather on some hen femurs and throw in an range or on the sear during summertime. Barbecue can be your family convention for the holiday or even the road you cook some ridges on the sear...

Grill It Up: Flavorful & Fun Recipes for the BBQ

Steve Tillett

Cig it, saline it, mop it, or interrogate it! But do it low and slow. Pulled pancetta, brisket, razzes, chicken, corn on the cob―everyone has a barbecued favorite. And with so many different frying styles, creating an endless amount of grilled possibilities ...

Barbecue Recipes: Most Amazing Recipes Ever Offered

Ray Hassan

The following barbecue recipes are fairly easy and straightforward. They’re perfect for vegans and vegetarians just starting to probe with outdoor grilling....

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