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...or Worse: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan

Jacques Lacan

‘A break meeting of a sewing mechanical and an umbrella. The impossible run-in between a porpoise and a polar admit. One was devised by Lautréamont, the other underline by Freud. Both are memorable. Why so? They certainly tickle something in us. Lacan says w...

The Infanticidal Origins of Psychosis: The Role of Trauma in Schizophrenia

Brett Kahr

This book discusses the function that the author has undertaken over the last twenty-five years, as well as the function of generations of mental fitness masters over the last peculiar hundred years, which demonstrates that broken attachments, and in particu...

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 55

James M. Olson

Allowances in Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 55, the latest issue in this highly cited streak in the meadow contains improvements of major empirical and theoretical interest that represent the best and brightest in new analysis, theory, and practice ...

Psychoanalytic Perspectives On Women

Elanie V. Siegel

Early published in 1992. Routledge is an inscribe of Taylor & Francis, an informa multinational....

El Proceso de la Individuacion (Spanish Edition)

Dr Eduard Schellhammer

¿Dónde podría el ombre encontrar su sentido de existencia, sino en su alma propia, ahí dónde “se hace la vida”? Es ahí donde la esperanza se transforma en una fuente concreta, individual y de experiencia. El ombre del futuro ni es el “homo sapiens”, ni el “h...

Antes yo que nosotros (Spanish Edition)

Christine Arylo

Cuantas farms dedicamos las mujeres a hablar de lo dificil que es encontrar a la pareja optimal o de lo perfecta que seria nuestra relacion si overhead railway cambiara o se comprometiera o comprendiera que estamos hechos overhead railway uno para overhead r...

War and Moral Injury: A Reader

Robert Emmet Meagher

All royalties from the enterprise of this book are being donated to Guerrilla's Heart, www. soldiersheart. net. Moral Injury has been called the "signature mortify" of now's contends. It is also as old as the human set down of bombard, as evidenced in the an...

Loose Leaf for Essentials of Life-Span Development

John Santrock

Connecting probe and results.  As a skilled teacher, John Santrock connects grads to current probe and real-world application, helping grads see how developmental psychology plays a role in their own lives and future careers. Through an integrated, personali...

DestinyOS: Way Forward Engineering

Michael Glock Ph.D.

My DestinyOS combines the Jungian pitch, the philosophy of the Western Apache, journaling, and Descartes’ Experimental Form together in order to leave your own “dark deteriorates” & reach personal renewal. Who is this for? Teenagers, college age adults, youn...

Discover Yourself & Be Happy: Your Guide to NLP

Ms. Dalia Nabil EL Beih

This compendium introduces common NLP techniques that ally you achieve your goals easier and discover the reasons that prevent you from getting there. In the first part, I introduce the classified that changed my flesh and blood, explaining why we don’t achi...

Loose-leaf for Social Psychology

David Myers

Connecting Familiar Attitude to the world around us.   Familiar Attitude introduces skills to the body of knowledge of us: our assessments, inclinations, and performances in a growing world.   Skills learn to think critically about everyday performances and ...

Safe with Self-Injury: A practical guide to understanding, responding and harm-reduction

Kay Inckle

Written in a clear and accessible manner for professionals or non-professional carers this book includes members on: the poops and misconceptions about self-injury, percipience self-injury in the frame of reference of human avatar and a social-model proposal...

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